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Purchase our highly rated book to more easily make complete use of the vast product features of our free TSSB software:

Estimate future performance using rigorous statistical algorithms.

Evaluate the influence of good luck in backtests.

Detect overfitting before deploying your trading system.

Estimate peformance bias due to model fitting and selection of semmingly superior systems.

Use state-of-the-art ensembles of models to form consensus trade decisions.

Build optional portfolios and rigorously test their expected performance.

Search thousands of markets and find subsets that are especially predictable.

Create trading systems that specialize in specific market regimes such as trending/flat or high/low volatility.

Unsolicited comments from confirmed buyers of our book

Excellent, engaging, clear, practical, grounded. Required reading.

For my needs this is a very timely book. In one reading, the authors managed to tie multiple conceptual loose ends in my head and laid out a practical roadmap for how I could approach building models for my own use.

David Aronson and Timothy Masters are truly masters of their domain and also have a gift for teaching in a manner that make the reader feel smarter by the page. This book is a bargain given the high quality of editing, attention to detail and a rich functional software.

I was a little skeptical about paying an amount in the $120 range for a book. I figured that if I looked at this book and the TSSB software as a package (which they are obviously intended to be), $120 is dirt cheap for almost any kind of trading software, It has turned out to be well worth the money,

Unique book on testing algorithmic trading systems. A hidden gem for trading system developers.

If you are a serious system trader or developer, I believe that you owe it to youself to thoroughly read and study this book. I think you will find it contains many important and useful insights that you won't find elsewhere.

This book along with the software is a goldmine for those traders that are looking for a methodology and accompanied software for developing trading systems. There is NO software in the retail domain that provides you with the tools and blueprints for developing trading systems like this does.